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KHARI vol​.​1


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I keep my foot on the pedal They be like miles away I got a vision for better It be like mine to chase I be damn if I'm a let 'em Treat me like I'm a slave Locked and loaded with the Panthers You can go hide and wait You can go hide and wait, I aint gone hide and wait I know the law wanna get me , fake friends they all went against me Uncle Toms they don’t like me, Cause I don’t shuck and jive for Whitey Tell my main girl to call me Tell my side chick don't stall me Told my lil niggas bout the party told my Panthers get it ‘Started Started’ 64 Benz old school, Fox on yawl old new Stream flow like Roku Homegirl say “Ish so cool” Activist on social , Fist up at the shows too Studio to the Garden No Starving I grow food. I am a king I am a god I am the water I am the blood Black as the sun Gold flowin' in a river, skies full of doves my god Black as the sun my god Shout out to the homies steady holdin' down the throne my god Yeah this is the one my god To all of my niggas that’s locked up for the wrong thing cuz . Stay strong Yawl kings cuz, All my brothers that’s in it 4.0’s y’all the winners 3.5 grams and spinners Pinky ring, chicken dinner. Ring side with a conscious queen I dropped 7 picked up 14 Whipped a 1/2 key from a 1/4 key Becky I was courting, Draft laws for the hood I’m from tryna stop all that chain gang, got a suit and tie wit a hoodie on, and a gat tucked for that, bang bang, Activist in my entourage Picket signs for a appearl Huey P on a monologue Gold on me like a pharo Conservatives in they feelings Cause I ain’t locked in they’re jail though Tell the homies that’s still in there That I’m out here living trill bro. Raise up your daughters As strong as your sons Honor your fathers, Fight for their loss Black is a virtue We are as one, The truth
First off my people’s magic And best believe that I am real Be careful what they’re feeding you We know fire don’t melt steel We gotta let the people know Exactly what you saying though I’m saying that the world is hiding shit my people praying for. Plus one like they at the club But they praying five just to stay alive I got homeboys who still on the streets And they slanging pies just to get by Got a felony on they’re fucking name So they can’t go get a good job I give my life for all the single moms raising kids alone, because they’re man’s gone. Fresh as the pines in the woods that I’m smelling and Eating up the sun rays, thanks to my melanin Chant a Psalm a day, Overstand I was telling them Back up in the day, cooking crack, I was selling it. Devils had me thinking that this money is really heaven sent Z holding my gat, I’m tryna stash away the evidence Shot out to my Mexicans , My daddy’s hommie’s Tez and them Taught me buy it soft and cook it hard up in the residence. The oppressors plan To rule the blackest of men As we swim through the water As we crawl through the sand Secondly my people Warriors, architects, scientists, and explores Philosophers, Doctors and Lawyers, and D-boys for the drugs the feds imported. Look that That body cam video ain’t saving you He gets a paid vacation to make a grave for you Land of the incarcerated, home of the favorite few, Nation of consumption as long as it aint saving you. And they wanna brother locked up, in a gang want a brother shot up, It ain’t a game in the O on Hamilton, or on Ames catch a nigga gambling Act my age I’m a Black Panther , serving breakfast was my answer, What I said to a private dancer, told the racists cops they the cancer, Wanna sue me like 2 Pac ,bloodclot all me niggas shoot back, and we trill about our fucking queens boy, you better not touch a queen boy, thats a wife mother daughter sista auntie you getting destroyed. I told the cracker we on peace boy, but Martin ain’t on these streets boy, And Malcolm ain’t on these streets boy, A fuck boy threw the wrong peace boy, get the fuck up out my face before I leave you stiff and straight like a fucking crease boy. I, I can't take it sewing through open soars Oh my, I lay jaded watching my kind endure Such a time full of hatred In a land built for open doors Now I, I'm not waiting for mine to be set ajar
TAKE OFF 03:30
I pay homage to the Huey's Cool and vibin' like I'm Louie Threw some paper round the antidote You can't tell me anything Fire to the ceiling Shootin' visions with some trillests Thats the product of the color though Black on black on everything You are, you are You are a modern emperor We've come too far too far Too far to have 'em run us We gon' take off in a minute We gon' take off in a minute Shut this shit down with a vengeance Shut this shit down with a vengeance We gon' take off in a minute We gon' take off in a minute Tear this shit down with a vengeance Tear this shit down, yeah We gon' take off in a minute We gon' take off in a minute Hand me the keys and we in it Throw me the keys and we in it We gon' take off in a minute We gon' take off in a minute Shut this shit down with a vengeance Tear this shit down, yeah I'm so fly so fly so fly so fly so fly so fly Because I'm black, I'm Black Black I don't even know about all of that hashtag shit and the queen so thick that I hope she throws that ass back quick I'm right so right so right so right so right so right Fred Hampton in my play list I don't even know how to make this shit go viral so I'm just spiting like this shit was survival I ain't saying I hate all cops, but I ain'y found one that I like And I ain't saying we afraid of death but , see me and my niggas just love life! Fist for my melanin its our time Don't let these crackers control your mind Fuck it lets toast and start livin' life We hold it down for the city right They gon' jock every move anyway Fiends for the culture nah we don't hate Leave it to power to regulate Blessings on blessings everyday
POWER 03:51
All black El Derado Soaring through North Rodeo Crown, blow, and K.O. You know, you know, you know Packing that 32 is just a simple rule when you been pushing pools of that You know, you know, you know Living life from the horns of a matador Truly another feeling when you stroke it raw But as a wise man I would advise to strap that condom on at sometime Hold up Lions don't rule the jungle by coincidence You tigers will earn your stripes over time you dig Don't be so quick to stunt out and ball out for bitches Then beef and fall out with niggas pull pieces over some stupid shit Aw Lord forgive him Johnny grew through the system Momma spends nights with dishes His daddy somewhere in Memphis Pimps, hoes, and crystals But what don't kill us makes black stronger They say long live the king huh But what’s that really doing for the kingdom Muhammad Ali with the content  Rolling with a half ‘ki’ half across the continent I rumble with oppression Can’t get depression  Cause my 3 little blessings  And they’re mom needs me rested So i sleep soundly  I cleared my concious, soon as it found me  And power to the people  Feelings that surround me  Conversations with queens  That really know what they mean  Really what a queen means  They know too as a queen  Respect to the most high All together all smiles like we toast high  Thousands in the car speeding  Got a dope ride  Fresh as hat a bolo or a bow tie  At least i lived all the cool shit before i go die  Leave me alone pastor Don't get me wrong father I lay awake at night With my hands aligned Hoping God remembers black power Swear, all these cops looking like slave catchers  All of my niggas are go getters  jurors doctorate more letters  dope pushas with berretas  All of my brothers are Panthers Yawl naggers still standing for Anthems And selling your brother for ransom That black on black shit is a Cancer That hood life is played out I cooked that it weighed out I slang that it payed out I hit licks and made out Arrested and sat time I paid bail and made mine Up all night that grave time On your shore it’s wave time No talking is my code Them pigs shot with blindfolds Look, we mindful, but shoot back with Rhymestones With Rifles, and Kind Notes Them opposites that time molds, Them Prophets that time grows, I’m in debt my mind owes.


Cinematic instrumentation, hard-heavy beats and rhythms, meets powerful, revolutionary, conscious minded lyrics and melodies... The soundtrack for the revolution. Khari, Vol.1, is The Duo's first EP, standing for cultural empowerment, cultural justice, and taking pride in being black and proud.


released July 3, 2017

Written by KHARI THE DUO (Ishma Valenti and Zach Watkins)
Produced by Zach Watkins
Recorded and Mixed by Zach Watkins
Mastered by James Fleege of Silver Street


all rights reserved



KHARI THE DUO Lincoln, Nebraska

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